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Conflict The essence of the novel is conflict. Human beings are hard-wired to be attracted to stories with conflict. There are two kinds of conflict: external and internal. External conflict usually takes place between a person and another person or persons, event, or situation. The main character can be a person, animal, force of nature, […]

Messages & Morals

            I am sometimes asked “what message or moral is conveyed in “The Devil’s Grandson?”               I never sit down to write fiction with the aim of creating a message, moral, or meaning. Let me explain.             I write because something interests me. I love the research part of writing and I also love […]

How to Begin

The “alpha” of fiction-writing is deciding where to begin. This is a decision that presents a roadblock to many writers, especially beginning writers. They begin by worrying over the opening sentence, paragraph, or scene. A writing student can spend hours, days, or weeks trying to make up his or her mind. However, it may take […]