About the Book

The Devil’s Grandson is the first in a planned trilogy. Readers will follow the protagonist, William Marshal, as he propels himself to the forefront of history and becomes one of England’s greatest knights before the age of 23. Other important and engaging characters include Henry II, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Thomas Becket; whose roles in this novel may vary from those found in popular myth and Hollywood movies. This novel is full of adventure and is based on an accurate timeline of the years 1147 to 1170.

The Devil’s Grandson doesn’t focus on the “dark ages,” but focuses instead on events alive with action that helped to determine the course of Western civilization, such as the age of the Magna Carta. The 1100s were alive with interesting political clashes and horrific wars. The Devil’s Grandson describes an entire social world and strives to immerse the reader in this strange, beguiling and vanished time.


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