This map shows the continental domains of Henry the Second, mentioned in The Devil’s Grandson. Advertisements

Conflict The essence of the novel is conflict. Human beings are hard-wired to be attracted to stories with conflict. There are two kinds of conflict: external and internal. External conflict usually takes place between a person and another person or persons, event, or situation. The main character can be a person, animal, force of nature, […]

            Historical novels written so far about William Marshal left me wanting more. So, I decided to write one myself. Why not? I was qualified to explore the events in twelfth-century England (and the western part of today’s France) because of a lifetime spent reading scholarly history books and a strong background in the writing […]

            I am sometimes asked “what message or moral is conveyed in “The Devil’s Grandson?”               I never sit down to write fiction with the aim of creating a message, moral, or meaning. Let me explain.             I write because something interests me. I love the research part of writing and I also love […]

The “alpha” of fiction-writing is deciding where to begin. This is a decision that presents a roadblock to many writers, especially beginning writers. They begin by worrying over the opening sentence, paragraph, or scene. A writing student can spend hours, days, or weeks trying to make up his or her mind. However, it may take […]

Newbury-in-Berkshire, England In the year of our Lord’s grace eleven hundred and fifty-two Atop a gentle rise in Berkshire’s green and gentle hills, a digger of graves paused, fixed his gaze eastward toward Newbury Castle outside the town of Hamstead-in-Berkshire. Overhead, the sun burned a white-hot hole through a thin veil of clouds. It was […]

You, the reader, may have noticed that several novels about William Marshal have been published. Is this a bad thing? Not at all. The historical record is very short on details for the Marshal’s life — details such as exact dates. The long poem about Will (“History of William Marshal,” ed. by A.J. Holden, Anglo-Norman […]